Inci Eviner
Broken Manifestos
Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
Curator : Sebastien Gokalp
14.01.2011 – 03.04.2011


Inci Eviner, living ans working in Istanbul, is one of the major artists of the Turkish art scene. As a SAM Art Projects resident at the Villa Raffet, she presents a three-piece installation, a critical view on the possible sense of exclusion brought about by the construction of a European identity. Whether she is using a brush or video-incrustation techniques, her work is always playing with signs, stereotypes, crossings and opposites. She mixes aesthetic with politics, the sensual with citizenship in an approach she defines as biopolitical, a notion developed by Giorgio Agamben. Her characters are the support of theoretical reflexions on the stakes of democracy. The first room shows recent drawings made with Chinese ink. A fanatic drawer, she is inspired by images found in current media events and creates this universe inhabited by hybrid creatures. This strange sub-conscience serves as an anteroom to the video panorama installed in the following space, entitled Broken Manifestos. This second act is composed of three video pojections where in a burlesque or solemn way different characters or animals are revealed. A vital energy comes from this first intervention in an undefined space, thus leaving behind classic representation. This installation finds its counterpoint in Parlamento, made after a simplified cross section of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Culturally included but politically excluded from the European project, Inci Eviner questions her own relations to this place. A symbol of the cultural coherence of the European Union, this building is also the obscure scene where paradoxes, enigmas, clichés and contradictions meet and intertwine. The constructions of identity are forged between consensus and underlying crises.

 Exhibition produced by SAM Art Projects.