Massinissa Selmani
Ce qui coule n’a pas de fin
Palais de Tokyo
Curator : Yoann Gourmel
16.02.2018 – 13.05.2018


« I discovered the existence of the conferences of Louise Michel by chance, in a newspaper. I decided to start a research work from her meeting with the algerians in New-Caledonia until her trip to Algeria, and to find the places where the conferences have been done as well as their content. The issue is to immerse myself in some part of history shared between Algeria, New-Caledonia and France in resonnance with recent actuality. » Massinissa Selmani

 For his exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Massinissa Selmani went on the traces of Louise Michel in Algeria and New-Caledonia, where this legendary figure of anarchism was deported from 1873 to 1880, after the defeat of 1871 Paris Commune. There, she met not only the Canaques people, whom she supported the revolt, but also algerians that had been sent to prison in New-Caledonia after the insurrection of March 1871 in Kabylie. From this encounter, Louise Michel built friendship with deported algerians and promised to visit them in Algeria. Between October and December 1904, only a few month before her death, she decided to come to Algeria where she gave many conferences denouncing religions, militarism and colonial violence. Inspiring himself from an unknown historical event, Massinissa Selmani produces an installation, where, if the drawing is omnipresent, it overflows from the page to invest the space in various forms. The artist deploys its questioning around actuality, the diffusion of revolt and the positioning to adopt “regarding the pain of others”, according to Susan Sontag.

 Massinissa Selmani continues in this exhibition his experimentation around drawing, mixing a documentary approach to fictional constructions based on the social and political history. Through confrontation, juxtaposition or even superposition of elements, Massinissa Selmani creates enigmatic and ambiguous scenes testifying the absurdity of human behavior or architecture as a power tool. It’s this work of collision between actuality and historical references that will be presented at Palais de Tokyo during his personal exhibition under the title “That which flows has no end”.