Destination Sud

Pierre Ardouvin
Ivan Argote
Alain Bublex
Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil
Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige
Jean-Charles Hue
Laurent Pernot
Zineb Sedira

 MuBE (São Paulo)
05.09.2012 – 30.09.2012


Destination Sud, which has the support of the Institut Français, will present the
work of a selection of artists backed by SAM Art Projects, on the occasion of the São Paulo Biennale. It will be the first time these artists have exhibited outside France. The MuBE in São Paulo will host projects by the three winners of the SAM Prize for Contemporary Art since its inception in 2009 – Ivan Argote, Laurent Pernot and Zineb Sedira – together with works which finalists have produced independently of SAM Art Projects: Alain Bublex, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, and Jean-Charles Hue. One ‘clandestine’ exhibitor, Pierre Ardouvin, will bring his complementary touch to this remarkable panorama of contemporary creativity in France.
The impression from these artists’ work is one of intense political acuity, a piercing examination of the world in which they live and, with the hindsight now available to them, their desire to bear witness, in their own way, to the relationship between man, history and power. Using the possibilities offered by video art technology and archives, their collages of film footage, photographs and sound recordings suggest a new version of past events, highlighting what might otherwise have become lost to view. This incredible work of memory magnifies the absurd.