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Eduardo Tomás Basualdo was born in 1977 in Argentina. He lives and work in Buenos Aires. He is represented by Ruth Benzacar gallery in Buenos Aires and PSM gallery in Berlin.

The works of Eduardo Basualdo plunge us into a world of strange familiarity, inspired by natural phenomenon and forces at work in our environment. Greatly influenced by the study of literature, theatre and psychoanalysis, the artist puts into perspective Man’s place, his irreversible submission and his potential emancipation from universal forces that evade his control. What are our resources in the face of life and nature’s mysterious energies if not our consciousness and illusions that remain fragile but fundamental?
“I return to the notion of man at the centre of the universe like a lucid eye, capable of seeing everything but incapable of understanding or changing anything. In my work, man always appears as a victim of overwhelming circumstances”