Nadim Asfar
Everyday Madonna
Salon Camera Camera
24.11.2018 – 25.11.2018
Hôtel Villa Victoria, Nice

During the war of July 2006, when the Israeli air force was bombing Lebanon, I kept telling myself every day, for 33 days, that I could disappear anytime, and with me, all the images and all the sounds circulating in the form of memories, desires, obsessions. All things that I had still not said, that could not be enough of a silent and unilateral photographic representation. After the war, I wanted to start leaving a trace of my life, not documentary, but physical: no specific events, but what is there, here, and now.

Everyday Madonna consists of daily recordings of images, sounds, patterns and shapes. It’s a choreography of my everyday life.

The music is an integral diegetic element of the film, which invades the images. Madonna’s voice permeates into the rooms of the house, portraying a personal and intimate image of the singer in a domestic context, removed from the spectacle and mass communication aspect that characterizes the celebrity. Madonna’s voice is lost among the ambient sounds of the city. It becomes a singular voice, subjective and disembodied, a living matter recorded and heard at this moment and in this specific place. Madonna becomes a free sound, absorbed by the breath of my breath, that of my street, taking a singular and subjective nature. It becomes a live sound, recorded at this precise time interval. A sound which is by the way strangely consistent with the appartement image, with the wall, with my bed.

As the work on the film progressed, what was at stake was precisely to shape the reality of an individual, isolated and free experience.