Hannah Bertram Phœnix in ruins
Opening Monday, June 22 2015

Currently an artist in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Australian artist Hannah Bertram is in full production of her work which will be presented at the Palais de Tokyo from 24/06/2015 to 13/09/2015.

For her exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, the artist envisaged three large strips of wall paper with a gold background richly ornamented with flocked motifs, inspired by Victorian decorative patterns. The blossoms have resulted from a patient labour of sorting and sticking dust particles collected from the halls of the Palais de Tokyo, the labyrinth of the catacombs of Paris, and other symbolic locations in Paris, with which she mixed the ashes of her drawings, burned by the hundred.

With Phœnix in ruins, Hannah Bertram draws an unexpected link between decoration, dust, and death.

Her works, created from worthless materials, dust, soot, or other disregarded residues from the margins of human life, consist of installations with complex motifs, destined to evolve and then disappear.