Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris

Born in June 1961 in Sarreguemines, France, Fabrice Hergott studied archeology and art history at the Strasbourg University. After two years as head curator at the cultural center of Saint-Etienne, he joins the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 1985. He supervised exhibits as Rouault, Francis Bacon, Joseph Beuys, and drawings by Baselitz, Martin Kippenberger and J-M Sanejouand, while working in the meantime on modern and contemporary collections.

His appointment at the board of directors of the Strasbourgian Museums brings a new politic for the exhibits: Hyperrealism, Human/Animal, Paul Klee and the Nature of Art, Delacroix, Xavier Veilhan, John Heartfield, Christopher Wool, etc. He is also responsible for numerous acquisitions like the Kandinsky donation by the L’Oreal group.

His arrival at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris upholds the quality policy, for either modern or contemporary exhibitions. Fabrice Hergott is giving a new breath to the museum and its collection, and reinforce its attractivity in this particularly dynamic environment.