Martin Soto Climent
Frenetic Gossamer
Palais de Tokyo
Curator: Daria de Beauvais
18.02.2016 – 26.09.2016


“The challenge for me was to transform this functional space into a human architecture. With these thousands of tights, I wanted to create an installation which was both organic and erotic; a sculpture acting like a mask, a disguise to cross-dress the building.”


Using women’s tights, the Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent becomes a spider weaving a huge web above the new cafeteria, the “Bas Bar”. As the artist’s favourite material, the tights that emerge from paintings, like flat tints in relief, appear are here like gossamer, the silk produced by spiders. The network of taut lines they form suggests both architectural solidity, almost like a cathedral vault, and the immense fragility of a delicate gauze, likely to vanish at any moment. As the artist says: “All of my work follows a series of philosophical questions about life and the essence of being human”. Thus, the apparent frenzy with which this web has spread through the space brings to mind the dispersion and agitation of our networked existences. As masks for women’s legs, tights also suggest the place of the body in a stretched, extended trap, which is both everywhere and nowhere.
Martin Soto Climent was born in 1977 in Mexico City, where he lives and works. Inspired by Surrealist assemblies, this artist’s installations, sculptures and collages, the fruit of minute shifts and modifications, seek to awaken the evocative potential of the everyday objects that surround us.