Zineb Sedira
Gardiennes d’images
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
03.12.2010 – 02.01.2011


Zineb Sedira explores the individual and collective memory as well as the issue of human displacement. Working principally with video, photography and installation, the artist has examined the topics of transmission, language, mobility as well as representations of cultural and identity-based symbols.

With the Gardiennes d’images [Image Keepers] project, combining filmed documentary and installation, Zineb Sedira wishes to offer a revaluation and diffusion of Mohamed Kouaci’s photographic work on the Algerian revolution via the writings of his widow, Safia Kouaci. Since the photographer’s death in 1996, she has endeavored to preserve these invaluable archives of Algerian history. A genuine participant and a first-hand witness of numerous historical events, Safia Kouaci comes out of the shadows here to become the central figure in the artist’s project. Gardiennes d’images highlights the strength of links that remain after death or solitude, as well as the importance of the voice of our elders and the fragility of memory.