Julieta García Vazquez was born in 1978 in Argentina. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.
Her practice revolves around the creation of collective narratives based on the study of different models of collaboration, particular to a given context.
Having started to work in the post-2001 scenario in Argentina, her work researches possible systems of social reconstruction, preservation and social regeneration, where different actors – from neighbors to specialists related to art or other disciplines – are involved in a structure with flexible rules that arise from a diagnosis of the context.

She works in long-term projects that allow a real participation in the problematic that addresses and enables the emergence of a collective memory or a particular narrative, usually as the result of the displacement of an already existing situation.
García Vazquez is also a founding member of the collective of artists Rosa Chancho, active in Buenos Aires since 2005, whose center of reflection has been the mutation of identities in a collaborative structure and the dissolution of individualities in the group work.