Ivan Argote
La Estrategia
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Curator : Akiko Miki
06.12.2012 – 21.01.2013


Iván Argote (b. 1983, lives and works in Paris) is a Columbian artist who lives in Paris since several years ago. His work is the result of his questioning of the world, social ties, and history, based on his experience as subject and at times his personal history. It’s often constructed on a principle of irrationality, such as the software he designed to convert the time of day into money (Time is Money, 2008). The general tone and factuality remain ever ambiguous, while the artist holds up a distorting mirror to the world, highlighting its absurdities, much like his video in which a globe is seen rotating on a spit (Rotation, 2009). At the Palais de Tokyo, Iván Argote proposes a film based on true stories that rely on historical as much as personal memory, like a reconstructed archive that is necessarily subjective. The sons and daughters of a former group of Columbian revolutionaries reenact the community formed by their parents at the time. In this way, the childish game of learning through imitation is applied here to a heritage that the younger generation must first inhabit in order to fully understand it. A video, a form of making-of, proposes a simultaneous critical commentary of the film by the group, creating a dialog between past and present,fiction and history. This immersive experience leads the new generation to examine its inheritance of their parents’ utopia and revolutionary struggle. Elements visible in the film and installed throughout the exhibition space create an extension of the film into the physical world, inviting the viewer to join in the experience.


Ivan Argote for le Palais de Tokyo.