Felipe Arturo, Caffeine Thoughts, soon at Lyon Biennial

Lyon Biennial
Curator : Claire Moulène
18.09.2019 – 05.01.2020

Artist and architect, Felipe Arturo includes in his practice elements from the visual arts as well as from architecture in relation to urbanism, history, economy and geography. His practice often involves the imaginary of ephemeral structures, inhabited both by humans and by plants, which are themes that often appear in his research.
Caffeine Thoughts is a project divided between Rillieux-la-Pape and Fagor warehouse, a journey among territories with different aesthetics but whose histories are linked. At Veduta we assist to the interaction of thoughts coming from the history and experiences of coffee as well as from personal encounters of the humans with Cofea itself. 
Thus, Felipe Arturo wishes to bring a reflexion linked with the historical nomadism of coffee grains - from Colombia to Ethiopia, passing by the Middle East or Europe – also linked with social, economical and political consequences and, more largely, connected with the lost link in our collective imaginary between the plant and the beverage.

Thank to his residency with Sam Art Projects, he has been able to join the Veduta program and create a real bond with the Velette neighbourhood. Felipe met, exchanged and shared with habitants and carpentry students from Lycée Professionnel Georges Lamarque, in order to create a convivial tool associating the plant and its use
(grain and coffee, wood and tree).

The space – suggesting a physical interaction with the habitants – shows a communal reflexion on the future of Lyautey square, which has been under construction since the destruction of two of the housing towers. This is also the site of creation of a product derived from an ancestral recipe, that the artist made in order for visitor to ingest during a urban walk..