Courtesy of the artist



Massinissa Selmani was born in Algiers in 1980. He now lives and works in Tours. Following his studies in computers in Algeria, he was accepted into the École supérieure des Beaux-arts de Tours.

Massinissa Selmani, whose work was awarded an honourable mention by the jury of the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015, has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions, both in France and overseas. Winner of the Art Collector Prize and the SAM Prize in 2016, Massinissa Selmani has also exhibited his work in the first edition of the Triennale de Vendôme, the Dakar Biennale and in the 13th Biennale de Lyon in 2015. Massinissa Selmani’s work finds its origin in socio-political issues, taken from the press cuttings he has been collecting for a number of years. It is through confrontation and juxtaposition, without a logical coherence between these real-life elements, that Massinissa creates enigmatic and ambiguous scenes, underlining the ironic, even tragic character of the absurd and strange situations represented in his drawings. Through an experimental approach to drawing and animation, Massinissa Selmani showcases the documentary dimension to his drawing practice, playing on the boundary between reality and unreality, comedy and tragedy, so typical of his work.