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Matias Duville was born in 1974 in Argentina. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. He is represented byAlberto Sendros gallery in Buenos Aires.

The work of Matias Duville concentrates, essentially, on drawing installations, going through murals and different supports as silk, wood, carpets and plastic. His drawings seem to be the impossible consequence of dreams, trips or desolated landscapes, where the lack of human presence reveals an oniric state of mind that reminds as of fairy tales and histories of a distant past, while they do not stop making reference to natural catastrophes.
One of the most outstanding characteristics in the work of Duville is the reflection and research in the use of different materials such as Ball-point pen, charcoal, acrylic, soothe, moquette, conglomerate plates, in which he works following the coordinates that each material dictates.