Rodrigo Bueno
Out of Character
CAB, Bruxelles
23.04.2014 – 07.06.2014


Rodrigo Bueno’s work intends to give room to a variety of senses, touching, vision and sound, or better saying the silence that emerges from contemplation. Objects are transformed into tools of enchantment for theviewer; a key to unleash our sensibility to what surrounds us as a reflex from our world within. Rodrigo insists in the subversion of function of space and time, what provokes an exchange of roles in society. So one can apprehend the shifting layers of his/her existence, tuning up perception and inspiring fundamentalfeelings as belonging and freedom of reach and action. La cour extérieure, or the outside place at CAB sprouts up and inside out. Living furnishings take place in second hand couches, chairs, tables and boiseries. A game between memory and birth where origin comes visit result, where a dialogue starts as the familiarity of matters surrender to the flow of merging patterns. It’s a changing room that anticipates the work that continues its contamination inside the exhibition space. The friction between Culture and Nature embraces all. It reverberates around the idea of expanding thelimits of architecture by encouraging the subversion of functions. Found furniture and objects give birth to sprouts and some moisture inhabited by fungus help reveal the state of matter, the origin of its structure. Two large prints, all customized in its solo edition, each one documents a visceral deterioration of an art book page, where effects of time on the reproductions of iconic images of paintings such as Cezanne and Degas, intensely co-authored by termites and humidity, bring the viewer a disturbing factor, which emphasizes the power of nature reclaiming her space. Classic images, all respectable, but already compromised by a subtle uprising of little beings that thrive in the body of the paper, insects and fungus that we insist on treating as disgusting, actually compose the very sap of life. These works are surrounded by collected Brussels furniture and objects from donations, or found abandoned on street corners, are here awaken, induced to return to life, either by their new hybrid forms or by causing them to burst life still dormant after their industrial or craft processes. The works celebrate the fact that, after all, there is no death, but a continual change, a chain of states and transmutations.