Call for projects is open from June 10th until September 30th 2019


Which are the criteria?

• being a French artist or an artist living and working  in France
• proposing a project aimed to a country outside Europe or North America
• being at least 25 years old
• being represented by a gallery in Europe

Applications not respecting these criteria won’t be presented to the committee

Who is the call for projects addressed to?

All medium artists

How to deposit the application?

Candidates must send their PDF application to

When is the application deadline ?
September 30th before midnight

What must the application be like ?

The application must be in PDF format, 30 pages maximum and must mandatorily contain the following elements:

• a cover page where is shown the name and surname of the candidate, his or her postal address, his or her telephone number, some piece of information about the gallery and a contact

• a description of the project, detailed and illustrated: destination country, synopsis of the subject, aimed presentation format

• the technical means for the realization of the project

• an estimated budget of production costs

• information about the artists and his or her journey (selection of works’ visuals, biography, CV, a written text about his or her practice)

When the finalists of SAM PRIZE 2019 will be announced ?

The selection committee will announce by press release the name of the 5 finalists of SAM PRIZE 2019 in November 2019

The 5 finalists will present their projects in front of the committee in mid December 2019

The winner will be announced the same day, after decision of the committee