Eduardo Basualdo
TEORIA (La Cabeza de Goliath)
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Curator: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel


This exhibition was produced by SAM Art Projects in collaboration with the Misol Foundation, the Embassy of Argentina and the Palais de Tokyo.
SAM Art Projects is glad to introduce its resident argentinian artist Eduardo Basualdo through a new in situ artwork at Palais de Tokyo : Teoría (La cabeza de Goliath). The surprising and compelling work Teoría (La cabeza de Goliath), which recalls the shape of a meteorite, imposes itself physically to the public- overpowering it and threatening the viewer with its mysterious and monumental mass in which interiority and origin remain unreachable and unrecognizable. One can experience the mystery of this architecture that is dominating our bodies and minds, awakening our doubts and arousing our interrogations. Dramatic and oneiric, Teoría encourages both contemplation and fear towards the unknown that seem to be irrevocably superior to our existences. The fragility of the work that is suspended only by a fine rope also evokes a fragile balance that can be easily broken and that could fall on men, according to both the irreversible laws of gravity and mythological beliefs.