Julieta Garcia Vazquez
Union des poètes et des boulangers
Palais de Tokyo
Curator : Adélaïde Blanc
22.06.2018 – 30.07.2018


L’Union des poètes et des boulangers [The Union of Poets and Bakers] is a collective project imagined by the Argentinian artist Julieta García Vazquez. Once a week, bakers and poets meet in this experimental space, where writing and breadmaking are used as a means of establishing a collective reflection upon contemporary social questions.
The project derives from a bakers’ strike that took place in Argentina in 1888, whose main demand concerned the “improvement of the intellectual, moral and physical lot of the worker-baker”. Initiated by the first workers organisation of the country, based on anarchistic principles, the strike lasted ten days during which the bakers invented pastries with provocative monikers against the Church and the State. Basing on these elements, each session brings together poets and bakers around a different theme linked to the chemical and technical processes of breadmaking, to the notion of language as a means of resistance, or to the material and the immaterial. Over the course of these exchanges, a new kind of bread will be invented by the group, which will then be distributed and reproduced outside Palais de Tokyo. Ephemeral and edible, these creations will infiltrate everyday life. Their appearance, their name, or perhaps even their ingredients, will convey the reflections carried out by the Union des poètes et des boulangers.
Julieta García Vazquez explores the collaborative form through her work. Here it is used as a means for comprehending society, from its organization to its possibilities. For almost ten years, her artistic practice has been developed on the margins of representation. With this project, she overturns logics of visibility by turning the exhibition space into a site of production. The contours of the project, its forms and its extensions beyond the art centre will evolve through weekly meetings and exchanges with visitors during readings and breadmaking workshops.
Julieta García Vazquez was born in 1978 in Argentina. She lives and works in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
This exhibition was realized in partnership with Smeg, Moulins Bourgeois and Guyon.